And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

~Antoine de Exupéry


Born and raised in Chicago, Christina calls Boulder home base, with regular travel to Chicago as she serves her local communities in Colorado and Illinois. As artist, painter, shamanic practitioner, teacher and guide, Christina shares and sells her original art, as well as limited edition prints, with the world through her online gallery and both juried and non-juried shows. She maintains her private shamanic practice by providing local and long-distance sessions to clients world-wide with cleansing, clearing, balancing, and grounding rituals including soul retrieval and journeying. Being a conduit {a hollow bone} by connecting to spirit allies, the overall intention is that of freeing clients to own their highest most radiant destiny. Space and land clearing, cleansing, healing and blessing are also empowering offerings that are a part of Christina’s repertoire. She also teaches and guides individually and in groups through healing ceremonies, rituals and journeys while empowering students and apprentices to be the hero of their own journeys and to own their own creative powers and gifts so that they may share them with their communities and the world.  

Christina’s expertise in Spiritual Event Creation, Direction, and Management coupled with her love of and dedication to travel, cultural immersion and spiritual growth {by working directly with and learning hands-on from indigenous medicine peoples} has organically brought her to lead groups in spiritual and cultural immersions. Her love of creating experiences that are overflowing with sites, sounds, smells, colors and textures of the land, the trails, indigenous animals and people, food, art, music, connections and healing rituals and ceremonies brings her fulfillment and joy as the travelers she guides experience journeys of their dreams.