“Christina holds a loving and gentle space for the travelers she shepherds. With patience and wisdom, she creates opportunities for you to experience…in your own unique way. Her trips offer a delightful array of choices for day hikes, van tours, shopping, healing ceremonies, and quiet introspective time. I believe everyone can find exactly what they are seeking on a journey with Christina, because she understands how to build an itinerary that honors each and every individual. You will enjoy the best hotels, the finest meals, and the most impeccable healers on a trip with Christina. Go! Allow life to surprise and delight you on one of her sacred journeys!”

N. C.

Estes Park, Colorado

“Spending time with Christina is a privilege. She is gentle, generous, magical and spirited. Our Peru journey was a delightful blend of curious exploration of amazing sacred sites, and personal connection. I felt profoundly touched by Chris’ generosity of spirit and the fluid schedule she played out for us (which included a level of spontaneity that I really enjoyed). I would take another sacred journey with her any day you care to name.”

Pollyanna Darling Queensland, Australia Author and Intuitive Life Coach PollyannaDarling.com




“The February 2015 trip to Peru, led by Christina, was a divine journey indeed. I’m so grateful for the expert leadership and warmth of the whole experience of connecting so very deeply with the Earth, Pachamama. Truly unforgettable, consciousness expanding and healing.”

Nancy Ging, LCSW

Hinsdale, IL

“My trip to Peru was magical and healing, on so many levels. I was touched physically,emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. From the moment we arrived in Cusco, as our guide easily found us and helped us to our van, I felt safe and connected. The trip was well thought out from the accommodations to the food to the day trips and transportation. All I had to decide was which garden to meditate in each morning. It was an amazing retreat center and the organic food was so delicious and healing. Thank you for such well thought out details that my trip to Peru one I will never forget!!”

Regina E. McCarthy

Blue Stone Healing Center Elgin, IL







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